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En medio del parque natural, archipiélago de las Islas del Rosario, un destino paradisíaco donde la playa, la brisa y el mar se combinan para hacer el escenario más bello del Caribe colombiano, Casa Blanca Eco Hotel, perfecto lugar para disfrutar de inolvidables momentos en familia en un concepto de turismo enriquecido por la naturaleza con cristalinas aguas y paisajes de ensueño con la tranquilidad que le ofrece la ausencia de vehículos y todo lo contaminante de la vida moderna.


In the middle of the natural park, archipelago of the Rosario Islands, a paradise destination where the beach, the breeze and the sea combine to make the most beautiful scenery of the Colombian Caribbean, Casa Blanca Eco Hotel, perfect place to enjoy unforgettable moments in Family in a concept of tourism enriched by nature with crystalline waters and dreamlike landscapes with the tranquility offered by the absence of vehicles and everything polluting modern life.

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R: It can only be reached by sea. The boats leave from the dock the wine cellar that is in front of the clock tower. The schedule is from 8:00 am to 10:00 am the cost is $ 45,000 COP per person and per trip. Upon entering the dock they charge a shipping tax that is $ 16,500. After that time you must make a land route to Playeta in Baru and then a boat trip to the Eco Hotel. This service is exclusive and costs approximately $ 250,000 whether 1 or 4 people. These services are offered by the operator Maricruz Travel phones – Whatsapp: +57 3106555905 – +57 3002003922 – +57 3226029252. The boats return to Cartagena at 3:00 pm. If you need to leave before, you should check with the operator or the Eco Hotel administrator first. Check out is at 9:30 am but you can enjoy the facilities until the time the boats arrive to pick you up.

R: In the Rosario Islands, in the bay of the blankets in Isla Grande. The archipelago is a nature reserve and is composed of 28 islands.

R: The Eco Hotel has a restaurant-bar with a large and generous menu that fits your budget and your needs. Find fish, chicken, pasta, seafood, national beers, imported beers, cocktails, wines and etc.

R: Yes, we have 2 operators that provide the diving service and at the Eco Hotel they provide snorkeling, kayaking, eco-bird watching, visit to the oceanarium and other activities.

R: Yes, and it has a dock over the sea for sunbathing service, a white sand deck and a spectacular viewpoint. It has two natural pools with white sand in the background, one under shade and one under the sun. The island has virgin beaches of white sand and crystal clear water and can be reached by walking on an ecological path in just 10 minutes.

R: Yes, the services invoiced by the Eco Hotel can be paid by credit card. Some services are provided by natives and they do not receive credit card only cash.




According to The World Tourism Organization, ecotourism is more than respect for the environment. When we talk about Ecotourism, we are referring to a new way of practicing tourism in which important matters such as nature, culture, rest, tolerance and biodiversity are intermingled, always trying to protect ecosystems. Eco Hotel Casa Blanca meets all these requirements, as we direct our efforts to protect the natural reserve of the Rosario Islands. We are 100% ecologically adapted to the environment without affecting the environment. In addition, we contribute to the progress of Isla Grande and its community. Eco Hotel Casa Blanca has adequate facilities to allow a perfect union between human beings and nature in permanent contact with the Caribbean Sea, and away from the saturation of noise and congestion in cities. We have eco-environmental practices for the management of rainwater and water in general, taking into account that a visitor consumes approximately 150 liters of water, 50% of this water we try to cover it through the rainfall offered by the Island through filtering of water before entering the storage tank in aspects such as cleaning, baths, laundry and irrigation for plants that is even better than drinking water. Drinking water comes directly from Cartagena with the highest quality standards.

Preparing for the future, at Eco Hotel Casa Blanca we focus on the intelligent consumption of resources, such as water, electricity and other materials. Also, we use energy-saving light bulbs, at the moment we provide electric power with our own power plant, however, our future vision includes the implementation of renewable solar energy systems thus achieving greater sustainability and environmental care, here in the archipelago of the Rosario Islands, one of the most important natural reserves in Colombia.

In Eco Hotel Casa Blanca we comply with current regulations respecting the Caribbean landscape without altering it or causing damage to its biodiversity, thus achieving the conservation of our natural and cultural heritage.


Through an ecological path in 12 minutes of walking you will find Playa Libre, virgin beaches of crystalline water and white sand.

Big island where the Eco Hotel Casa Blanca is located houses the most conserved, mystical and beautiful forest of all the islands of the Colombian Caribbean. You can see trees of different species and healthy lagoons that house migratory birds such as the thong and the duck. You can also see through these ecological trails the mangroves with their mangrove trees that shade different birds and crustaceans that inhabit that area.

Rosario Islands location, food and tradition

Among the main questions that assail us when planning our vacation in the Rosario Islands archipelago are: Rosario Islands location, how to get to the island, what are the best plans to make, in this article I will explain everything you need to know to spend a dream vacation in this tropical paradise known worldwide for its stunning beauty and biodiversity.

Rosario Islands location

Located about 45 minutes by sea leaving from Cartagena, we find the Rosario Islands archipelago, a wonderful natural cove, paradise hidden between white sands and crystalline waters that allow you to see little goldfish playing between mangroves and one of the most important coral reefs From the Colombian Caribbean, during the trip it is possible to see dolphins in their natural state jumping through the waves, a show that reminds us how fortunate we are to be able to live this experience and the importance of visiting islands of the Bolivar Rosary, since it houses a Unique flora and fauna in the world and the wonderful ecosystems of the island: Coral reefs, mangroves and lagoons. Coral reefs are one of the most fragile and at the same time beautiful ecosystems of the planet due to their shapes and colors. Coral reefs are hard skeletons of calcium formed by colonies of animals called polyps and serve as habitat and refuge for hundreds of organisms such as algae, sponges, feather worms, sea lilies, anemones and soft corals, also house hundreds of fish from various species, sizes and colors, as well as crustaceans, mollusks, hedgehogs, starfish, among others. The mangroves are also part of this natural spectacle, as we enter into them the tranquility, peace and song of the birds since they also fulfill the role of feeding and resting area for hundreds of them. Knowing the lagoons is an unparalleled experience, visiting the enchanted lagoon on a preferably night walk to appreciate the luminescent plankton is a plan that should not be missed, all these wonders and more you find here in Isla Grande Rosario Islands Colombia.

Meet the natural park Islas del Rosario

The islands archipelago of the Rosario Bolivar formed by 28 islands is a protected area because it was designated a natural park, it is a valuable ecosystem of the highest productivity and biodiversity that brings invaluable benefits to the community both recreational and research and sustainability, within That wonderful landscape highlights Isla Grande, Rosario Islands Colombia for its lush beauty, its majestic palm trees, and exceptional environmental conservation, it is the largest island in the entire natural park, it is suitable for the whole family both small and large and for those who prefer extreme experiences in contact with the natural or a peaceful paradise cove, here we can enjoy many delicious and fun plans such as a spa afternoon adorned with that calm and wonderful view rocked by the murmur of the majestic Caribbean Sea, or a moment relaxing by a glass of wine or your favorite cocktail by the sea watching the sunset, just to mention a few. It is a world to know and discover, a trip to take whenever we can get away from the increasingly stressful and demanding routine imposed by society, it is a trip to take several times in life where we learn to value our natural wealth We experience the local culture, the native customs, how privileged we are to be born or have the opportunity to be and enjoy unique experiences in the second most important and richest country in terms of biodiversity in the world: Colombia; to be surrounded by the purest and most beautiful nature, landscapes of both water and ancestral earthly and lush vegetation that integrated to the white sand beaches form beautiful views to admire and an ideal space for enjoyment with the family or alone it will always be a yearned plan to live and contemplate.

Explore Rosario Islands

In the Rosario Islands we enjoy its charm, the refreshing breeze that caresses our skin, we are witnesses of beautiful sunrises and sunsets, we can enjoy the beauty of the surroundings, its transparent and crystalline waters allow you to appreciate the majesty at a glance and without effort of its coral and marine species. This amazing trip allows us to have the fortune to explore the surroundings of Isla Grande, Rosario Islands Colombia being protagonists and witnesses of this hidden paradise, only equipped with a snorkel, a mask and a pair of fins, we enter these natural, magical and crystalline waters that allow us to feel like real expeditionaries since in an instant we are surrounded by hundreds of colorful fish, starfish, conch shells and others, definitely the underwater landscape is something you can not miss.

Another of the plans that can be made in Rosario Islands is to visit the nearby islands, using the kayaks as a means, and thus enjoy this journey in a more personal and intimate way making it memorable, managing to live a fantastic adventure in which only you choose where to go and how long to stay there, to be able to enjoy environmental conservation is admirable and feel how your brain rests, leaving behind the characteristic stress and cares of big cities connecting more and more with nature, enjoying the pure air that Rosario Islands Bolivar gives us. Just being in this privileged location makes you feel more vigorous and full of health, as it is well known to be at sea level synchronizes every part of your body while your senses delight, improves both physical and mental health and you connect With your interior, definitely if someone tells you to visit the Rosario Islands, Cartagena, do not hesitate for a moment, since it is an experience worth living, it is really an earthly paradise, if what you are looking for is an unforgettable holiday or an end of totally different week visit islands of the rosary Cartagena.

Enjoy Rosario Islands

We could not stop talking about the rich and varied Caribbean cuisine, since a visit to the Rosario Islands Cartagena would not be so well achieved without this fundamental complement, with the unmistakable seasoning of the tropics here you will find from a typical fish dish accompanied by coconut rice , patacones and salad, all the spectacular typical fritters such as egg arepa and carimañolas, until you get a little more elaborate dishes such as fresh lobster, crab, octopus, seafood and other delicacies that are found in the varied menu and are a delight to palate.

For all these reasons and many more, the Rosario Islands is considered the paradise of the Caribbean, a propitious and ideal space to disconnect from the daily life’s desires, recharge energies and live unforgettable experiences, it is a wonderful option to know, explore and enjoy. We invite you to live this experience by the best hosts Eco Hotel Casa Blanca the best option in accommodation in Rosario Islands where you can live your holidays always being aware of the care of our natural reserve and trying to protect and keep them in their state.

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